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Association of Chinese Martial Art of Kyoto was newly born in Kyoto 2013, by Mr. Hiroshi Yoshida who was a former World Champion of many world tournaments and had taught more than 20 years in Tokyo.

Class of kung-fu, a Chinese Martial Art, we have students who come various area to enjoy from little child to aged person.

Our outstanding points is you can work out by your own pace even if you are not good at physical movement or you don’t have much time for exercise.

We also have students who join together with three generations of Grandfather, Father, and child.

You can master by doing lessons piles up, with trying more correct, more beautiful posture, then, you will get right position and smooth movement.

We especially want you to learn every right way to use your body without any pain through traditional moving of Kung-fu.

Association of Chinese Martial Art in Kyoto also plans to open in various areas of Kyoto.
We don’t give lessons in English, but we have many participants from foreign countries.

“What is it like?” if you have some interest, please join us as “experimental lesson”

When you start lessons and continue exercise, we are sure that you will get healthy body and mind!
We are looking forward of you to join us!

Admission Fee
Adult ¥4.000 / Child(up to High school) ¥3.000
Monthly Fee
  Once/Month Twice/Month More than 3times/month
Adult ¥4.000 ¥8.000 ¥12.000
(up to High school)
¥3.000 ¥6.000 ¥9.000
1) Calculation for monthly fee You should decide which day you are taking lessons in case of once a week. It is not possible to replace another day, if you cannot take your day of your convenience.
2) Kyoto chinese martial arts association class and other Kung-fu Culture class (Kyoto living, NHK kyoto, Kyoto shinbun culture,etc.) Becomes another account. For example, if you take once in association class ,once in culture class, it will not become twice/week fee.
3) A traning camp, special work shops are will be charged separately.
4) If you belongs to the other groups you will be charged 150% fee of above mentioned-fee.
Adult ( per 1 month) ¥1.000
Child (per 1 month) ¥1.000
In case you will take adjournment, you should inform to your Instructor by mail, telephone, etc. by all means by first week of your adjournment month. If you fail,or if you inform later than 2nd week, monthly fee ( of once/month) will be charged.

Instructor of each classroom will pass you the “monthly fee envelope” and you will bring the amount which is noted on the envelope next time.

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